The ultimate guide to great vegan nails

For those who know me, you know that nails are my thing. I never leave home without nailpolish, and I wouldn´t dream of having different lengths or shapes on my nails! People often ask me if those are really my own nails, and many want to know my secret. So, here are my best tips on how to get stylish, strong and healthy vegan nails.

The basics

The first thing you need to understand is that your nails, like everything else on your body, are not separated from the bigger picture. They are a part of you, and their condition will be directly linked to your health in general. I can immediately tell if I´m feeling stressed or out of balance – from my nails, that will start to break and grow slower. If you know that you´re going through a tough period, don´t expect your nails to be perfect. Keep them short and follow all steps below, and hopefully you will be able to help your nails back on track.

Shaping your nails

There are four things you need to know about shapng your nails:

  1. Use a glass file, it is the most nail friendly type.
  2. Only move the file in one and the same direction. DO NOT move it back and forth, it will create cracks in your nails! Also make sure to not only file the tip of your nails, but also a little on the sides. This will help you keep control of any cracks that might appear.
  3. Pick a shape. No matter if you want round, square or pointed nails – make a choice and stick to it. This will make it easier to know how and when to use the nail file. And your nails will look much better!
  4. NEVER leave home with different lengths on your nails! If you truly want to have stylish nails, you need to keep them the same size. I know, I know, the heartbreak is real when you´ve managed to get really long nails and one breaks. But life is hard. There are no excuses!

Boosting your vegan nails

When I´m going through a tough period I give my nails an extra boost from the inside. I start eating extra Zinc and Magnesium which are crucial minerals for your nails to function properly. I also keep my nails short during these periods, and let them rest at least over the night every now and then without any nailpolish. However, using nailpolish is a great way to give your nails extra support and resistance. Also make sure you moisturize your hands, at least once but preferably twice a day, and use an additional oil for your nails overnight.

The best secret of them all: nail strengthener. This is a transparent polish that you should always have on. When starting to use it, take two weeks where you put on one layer day one and a second layer day two. On day three you remove the polish and start over again. During this period you should avoid using nail polish. After two weeks it is enough to put on one layer underneath your regular nail polish. I have been using nail strengthener for at least ten years, and I truly believe that this have helped me alot.

My best kept secrets for fabolous vegan nails

Okay, so in this last part I am giving you all I know, that I haven´t already told you, about creating healthy and beautiful vegan nails.

  • Always use base coat. Your nails will get discolored if you don´t. I usually find it enough with only the nail strengthener, but it won´t hurt to use an extra layer of base coat before putting on the colored polish.
  • Always use top coat. This will keep your nailpolish in place and make the manicure last longer.
  • To avoid your nailpolish from peeling/coming off too soon: put on at least two layers of nailpolish, and not too thick. Also make sure to not paint your nails directly after moisturizing, and avoid polishing the nail´s surface too much. Actually, having a somewhat ruff and dry nail surface will make the nailpolish stay on longer.
  • Never go more then 7 days without re-doing your nails. This means removing all polish, shaping your nails with a nail file, and moisturizing them. Even if you manage to create a manicure that stays put, your nails need to breath, be re-shaped and get some extra moisture in order to stay healthy.
  • Only use toxin free nailpolish. Putting toxins right on your nails is a bad idea and will not do them any good. Look for brands that are 5- or even 7-free (free from five or seven of the most toxic ingredients usually found in nailpolish).
  • Move, sleep and eat healthy. What goes in comes out. Take care of yourself, and your nails will thank you!

Okay babes, I really hope this was useful! Please ask any questions you might have and I will answer. Don´t miss my second post about my best tips for brands and manicures!

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    1. Hej Suss! Tack så mycket, så roligt att du gillar bloggen! Jag beställde ringen från, de har mycket kul saker för händerna! /Clara

    1. Thank you Ashley! I love Miracle nails, a small brand that you can find in Sweden (don´t know about abroad). However I´ve been Googling and cannot find any info on wether they are vegan/cruelty free or not… Otherwise I´ve also tried Priti NYC, which I liked too. Hope this helped <3

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