Vaute Couture

This brand is outspoken vegan and creates some absolutely fantastic garments. Vaute Couture is dedicated to cut animals out of the fashion industry by using high-tech, innovative and qualitative alternatives. They offer a good range of both mens and womens clothing for all seasons. Most well known might be their fabolous warm jackets to wear in winter. All clothes are manufactured in the New York City garment district.

Vaute Couture (Haute couture with a V for Vegan) was the first vegan fashion brand to appear on the catwalk at New York fashion week and has recieved praise from CNN and Oprah to mention a few. Now that´s something, don´t you think!?


Vaute Couture

Vegan: yes

Supply: vegan men & women clothes + some vegan accessories and shoes

Price range: $50-$700 with many garments around $150

Shop: international shipping. Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, US



Let´s start the vashion revolution!


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