The ultimate guide to vegan Christmas gifts


This post contains adlinks to: Björn Borg,, Åhléns, Only and the Body shop

Christmas is a time of giving. A time of love, lighting candles and taking care of one another. It makes me so sad that at the same time the Christmas tradition also means the slaughter of thousands of innocent animals for food and fashion. This is just wrong! That´s why I put together this list of my best vegan Christmas gifts, as always most with a sustainable profile, too. Hope you enjoy!


Vegan Christmas gifts for him


  1. Bag: Knowledge cotton apparel at
  2. Watch: Hurtiglane Use my code ‘vashionblogg15’ for 15% off!
  3. Underwear: Björn Borg
  4. Sweat pants: Björn borg
  5. Wood sun glasses: Montern
  6. Watch: Nox bridge
  7. Hat: Hoodlamb at Thrive
  8. Backpack: Tokyo bags
  9. Shirt: Bleed clothing at Thrive
  10. Facial cream: the Body shop
  11. Shoes: Bourgeois boheme at Thrive
  12. Hoodie: Armedangels at Thrive


Vegan Christmas gifts for her





  1. Leggings: Björn Borg
  2. Dress: Studio Jux at Thrive
  3. Watch: Hurtiglane Use my code ‘vashionblogg15’ for 15% off!
  4. Gym bag: Montern
  5. Sweater: Only
  6. Underwear: Björn borg
  7. Organic cotton shirt: Åhléns
  8. Clutch/wallet: Beyond skin
  9. Hat: Hoodlamb at Thrive
  10. Christmas shirt: Only
  11. Scented oil: Lilla Bruket at
  12. BB cream: the Body shop


Unisex vegan Christmas gifts

  1. Scented candle: Lilla Bruket at
  2. Table mat: Åhléns
  3. Toliet bag: Keep Leaf at
  4. Yoga mat: EcoYoga at
  5. Cork bow tie: IiwiiCork
  6. Liquid soap: Dr. Bronners at Åhléns
  7. Glass mat: Åhléns
  8. Watch: Jord


Spread love to all living beings this Christmas <3



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