Vegan outfit – recycled stripes and very slow fashion

For my second outfit post this summer, I chose a city-chic style with some of my absolute favorite items in my closet. The shorts are the same that I used in my first summer outfit, because of two reasons. One – they are awesome. Two – I want to show you that fashion is not about buying, or wearing, new clothes all the time, but about using what you have in a smart way.

Recycled polyester

I bought this blouse during spring this year, and it is so pretty. I feel so stylish in it, and it´s perfect for any occation. The classic black and white striped pattern makes it timeless, and the airy model is just great even for the warmer months. The fact that it´s made from recycled polyester just adds yet another positive side to it.

Photo by Kimothy photography

Slooow fashion

These dark denim shorts are at least 12 years old. Say no more.

Photo by Kimothy photography

All but animal leather

My bag is made from cork – it is the softest and most luxurious material you could even wish for!

These shoes are just so pretty, a real classic piece that I´ve been wearing alot this summer. They are made from plant leather – you can read more about it here.

Photo by Kimothy photography
Photo by Kimothy photography

Blouse: Jan´n June

Shorts: old

Shoes: Love Sofie – get 15% off with my code WITHLOVECLARA!

Bag: Pure Ineke

Nailpolish: Ella+Mila



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  1. Ahh, I absolutely love this look, Clara! I absolutely love this blouse on you! I actually have the same pair of sandals- Just got them and I cannot wait to wear them! I really like the fact that your shorts are 12 year old- that is awesome!

  2. Beautiful and thoughtful outfit combination Clara! I really love that blouse. I’ve been trying to find more like that one to add to my collection since they’re so versatile and I need more tops for work. I haven’t bought anything made from Cork yet, but it seems like a promising material for sustainable fashion!

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