Vegan skincare – face oil review

My new found crush in skincare is without a doubt using face oil as part of my routine. The combination of an oil and a great facial cream does miracles on my skin. This winter made my skin really dry, and using face oils helped alot to keep it hydrated. During summer I feel like it´s a perfect way to recover the skin after being out in the sun. A great thing about face oils is that they are often all natural and organic, which to me feels really good.

I´ve been using three different oils during the las six months. Here is what I think about them. I will review them by the following criteria:

Smell: how I like the smell, 1 is not so much, 5 is I like it alot.

Consistency: how greasy the oil is, 1 is very greasy, 5 is not greasy.

Effect: how much effect I´ve been able to see and feel on my skin, 1 is very low effect, 5 is very high effect.

Mossa Facial Vitamin Oil

This is a fantastic face oil! The smell is sweet but yet fresh, reminding me of orange and berries. It contains of ten different oils, from rasberries, sea buckthorn, jojoba and plum, to mention some. I can feel immediate effect when I put it on my skin, it´s a very refreshing feeling. I do think that my skin has gotten clearer and more healthy looking since I started using this face oil. It is medium fat, and is quite quickly absorbed by the skin.

Smell: 5

Consistency: 3

Effect: 4

Marina Miracle Herbal Face Oil

I actually won this oil in a give away contest on Instagram. It comes in a beautiful, green bottle and suits all skin types. The smell is lovely herbal – at first I wasn´t sure if I liked it, but after using it for a week or so I really started to appreciate the smell. This face oil contains ingredients like jojoba, aloe vera and scandinavian herbs. You have to shake the bottle before use so that, what I guess is the herbal oil, is mixed with the rest. The feeling when applying this oil is not as refreshing as with Mossa (above), it´s more of a calming feeling, and my skin has gotten more even after using this. It is surprisingly light and non-greasy for being an oil.

Smell: 4

Consistency: 4

Effect: 4

Laponie Face Oil

This face oil is very minimalistic, with only four ingredients. Out of the three oils I´m reviewing in this post, this one is the most neutral and “simple”. It contains argan-, oat-, rosehip-, and rasberry oil. The smell is quite neutral too. I find that during summer it is too greasy for me, but in winter it is perfect for adding that extra moisture and protection. This is the oil I´ve been using the least, and I have nothing bad to say about it, but is hasn´t blown my mind either.

Smell: 2

Consistency: 5

Effect: 2


I do hope this post will be useful to you! I will continue adding more face oils when I try something new. Do you use face oil in your daily routine? If so, do you have a favorite?


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  1. Oooh, I love facial oils, and I love reading reviews on new products because it truly helps me to better make a decision. It sounds like Marina was a winner! I’m going to have to try it!

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