That vegan suit

I love suits! There is something empowering about them, they make me feel stylish and can easily be paired with different accessories to match any mood or occasion. Finding a proper vegan suit that does not contain wool has been one of my biggest struggles since going vegan. Unfortunately many of the classic designer brands include wool in all of their suits. Guess if I was happy when I found this one!?

Photo: Kimothy photography

Swedish design

This vegan suit is made from viscose, polyamid and elastan by the Swedish designer brand House of Dagmar. Besides not containg wool, it is produced sustainably in Europe – love it! It has a luxurious texture, and I absolutely love the nude color! I also prefer to go all monochrome in this look.


Photo: Kimothy photography

As always me and Kim had such a great time at this photoshoot. She truly makes me feel comfortable and helps me look natural but still with that fashion blogger touch. When I find it difficult to motivate posing in front of the camera I always remind myself why I do it. For the animals, for the planet, and for the people. Animals are living beings, not fashion. The environment should not be poluted, and people should not have to work in slave like conditions, just for us to be able to buy new clothes we don´t even need. Fahsion should be fun and a way to express ourselves – but always think twice before buying new items! Do you really need it, and how about the ethics of the brand? I´ve talked about how to start shopping vegan in a previous post.

How about you – do you have any go-to brand for vegan suits?

Photo: Kimothy photography


Photo: Kimothy photography


Suit: House of Dagmar

Turtle-neck: Åhléns


Bag: Marypoint vegan bags

Stockings: Swedish stockings

Lips: Black moon cosmetics



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