Just with the same thought as I had when I created Vashion (V for vegan), Votch put the cruelty free message right in their name for everyone to see. I just love brands that really show off their vegan approach! This was one of my top three on my Christmas wish list. Well, you can´t have it all…

Votch (V-egan watch) is a new and upcoming brand that makes the most amazing watches in the finest vegan leather. Minimalistic, clean and stylish, this accessory will just melt onto your arm and merge perfectly with any outfit. 10% of the profit from each watch goes to the charity of the season, that changes every 3 months.

The founder, Laura, means serious business. She couldn´t find a decent, animal free replacement for her old watch strap, and so she took it into her own hands – Votch was born. With care for all life on earth she has done thorough research before deciding on collaboration partners. The result – well, see for yourself.

See me wearing my Votch with pride in this vegan outfit post.




Vegan: yes

Supply: men and women leather watches

Price range: £120 each for all watches

Shop: sold in these shops and online with international shipping



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