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Vegan influencer marketing collaborations at the vashion blogg


The vashion blogg is a platform that makes vegan, ethical and sustainable fashion and beauty feel easy and inspiring.


By mixing facts with lifestyle, fashionable outfits and makeup, I create an comprehensible and positive approach to a more compassionate life. Since I started this blog and its related social media platforms in 2016 I have built a solid group of followers that trust my word and my recommendations. I am a vegan influencer with one of the leading international go-to blogs for finding new vegan fashion and beauty brands. Contact:

Collaboration offers

The following options are easy to adjust based on your brand and your preference. You can choose one or many posts for short- or long-term collaboration.

Brand post

A clean and simple option where your brand is exclusively presented with text and pictures. An interview feature is possible, too.

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Outfit or makeup post

An inspiring post where I do a product review and show your product in the best way possible while being truthful about my personal experience from it.

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Instagram post

A feature on my Instagram in combination with a blog feature, or as an Instagram exclusive post.



Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is still a relatively new concept. Instead of going through the traditional channels by advertisements, influencer marketing offers a whole new way of reaching your target group. An influencer is a person who, through their media platforms, influences their followers by building trust and engagement. A tip from an influencer is now a days often worth more than traditional commercials.

I recommend you look at influencer marketing as a long-term investment. This is not a “buy now” platform that will give results overnight. Instead, it is an investment in your brand´s reach and credability. Count on increased knowledge about, and interest in, your brand from your relevant target groups. Engagement is also much more important than the number of followers and likes. Micro-influencers often have a higher amount of engagement and credabiltiy than the ones with 100.000+ followers.

Are you part of a vegan, ethical and sustainable brand? Don´t hesitate to get in touch! I guarantee content of high quality and a professional collaboration. I am depending on my credability and therefore I am strict about who I collaborate with. Being a vegan influencer I am aware of that many small businesses have a limited budget I am open to discussing the best solution for you, and I do my best to create reasonable offers. Let´s start a creative discussion at