This brand really fits the sustainable lifestyle category. Yuhme is an eco-friendly reusable water bottle that gives back. That´s right – every bottle sold gives six months of clean water to the Central African Republic! The bottles look really nice, and I find mine easy to use with a good grip. They are made of a new sort of plastic, made from sugarcane. The two main reasons this is awesome are:

  1. Sugarcane is a renewable resource, compared to oil (that most other plastics are made from) which is not.
  2. The plastic is 100% recycable (many other plastics are not).

However, growing sugarcane (and other crops) is not necessarily eco-friendly. Sadly lots and lots of rainforests and other important nature areas has been cut down to make room for the crop industry. The sugarcane used in the making of the Yuhme water bottles is grown in Brazil, but don´t worry, it is grown in areas far away from the Amazon rainforest. It´s not easy to be a sustainable consumer, so remember to always ask twice!

You can tell that this brand is true to their cause. The story behind the birth of the brand is so genuine, and I just love how their profile and product are so closely connected to a greater good. It is a reminder that something many of us take for granted – fresh water – is a luxury for someone else. Thank you Yuhme for keeping me humble!


Making sure to dehydrate on my walks at home


I used my Yuhme every day on my trip to Croatia!




Vegan: vegan friendly (no animal products used, but no vegan marking)

Supply: water bottles

Price range: 279 SEK (approx $32,95)

Shop: international shipping


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